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Collective catering

Discover our solutions that are tailored to your business

Collective catering

The modules

The comprehensive solution for collective catering

A complete solution for controlling the procurements and consumption of your restaurants.

The comprehensive solution combines all of Adoria's modules in a single platform that is specially tailored to the multiple specific requirements of collective catering.

Easy to implement and with a rapid positive effect on the profit and loss account, it guarantees you total control of costs and information flows, from the negotiation of products right through to the preparation of meals in restaurants:

Construction of the product specification
Publication of the invitations to tender online
Computer-assisted online negotiation
Secure application of the purchasing policy by the suppliers and sites
Optimisation of procurement flows
Conversion to a paperless system
Compliance with contractual commitments
Control of the dietary and nutritional offer
Control of the daily cost price
Portal for communication with restaurants
Business Intelligence: real-time analyses and statistics

The benefits:

  • Proven time and cost savings for over 10 years
  • No investments and all you need is a PC and internet access
  • A professional tool that is easy to deploy and ideally suited to the needs of site managers
  • Smart distribution of the central policies and a real-time view of their effectiveness
  • Instant access to a standardised catalogue of 50,000 market references that is updated every day by professionals. This catalogue is always kept consistent with the one used by French distributors.
  • Further increases in effectiveness due to EDI exchanges with the main suppliers
  • Multiple procedures available and a high level of flexibility to develop them
  • “Ready to use” interfaces that make for easier integration with your existing IT solution
  • The option to customise the tool or add "tailored" features

(Adoria’s modules may also be used on their own, independently of the comprehensive solution)

The e-procurement module for collective catering

Control procurements from A to Z

Benefits of Adoria’s e-procurement module: effectiveness and transparency

  • Tried and tested technology: 10 years of experience and thousands of orders processed every day
  • A purchasing policy that is implemented flexibly and measured in real time
  • An automated, line-by-line check of all of the establishment’s deliveries
  • Effective management of discrepancies and systematic recovery of credit notes
  • Detailed indicators on purchases and the service quality of suppliers
  • A saving of between 5 and 10% on purchases from the first year onwards


  • Multiple order placement methods: using projected frequentation rates and menus, using models, using historical data, etc.
  • Smart prevention of ordering errors
  • One-click optimisation of orders (best price purchase)
  • Automatic sending of orders via fax or EDI
  • Order confirmation based on warehouse stocks (EDI suppliers)
  • Management of emergency purchases and general expenses
  • Management of goods receipts, automated price checks, online discrepancy statements
  • Measurement of the effective recovery of credit notes
  • Reports and graphs for analysing purchases (standard or tailored)
  • Interfaces for the market’s main accounting software packages
  • Accounts integration for supplier invoices (certified EDI solution)

The e-production module for collective catering

Flexibly manage the preparation of meals and consumption in your establishments

Benefits of this module: flexibility, simplicity and performance

  • The centralised creation and distribution of meal plans according to your activity segments (academic, healthcare, corporate) and your contractual commitments
  • Flexible, optimal and simple use for restaurant managers
  • A pedagogical approach to help improve compliance with regulations (GEMRCN, HACCP, etc.)
  • Fully automated consumption calculation


  • Sophisticated management of recipes
  • Construction and management of meal plans
  • Computer-assisted nutritional and allergenic calculations
  • Access to tables showing the composition of 10,000 foods (government databases and industrial product information sheets)
  • Order planning based on projected headcounts
  • Computer-assisted production management
  • Delivery logistics (satellites, meals delivered, etc.)
  • Stock/inventory lists
  • Budget management and forecasting
  • Reports and graphs for analysing consumption (standard or tailored)

The e-negoce module for collective catering

Manage your invitations to tender online with your suppliers

Benefits of the module: financial and time savings, security

  • A secure, shared platform connecting you to the 100 main distributors in the market
  • A standardised procedure that is known and appreciated by your suppliers
  • Instant, reliable comparisons based on computer-assisted purchase simulations
  • No paper required: your invitation to tender procedures are completely paper-free


  • Autonomous, tailored construction of the specification: markets, batches, products
  • Guided, secure procedure for launching consultations with suppliers
  • Scheduling/automation of periodic invitations to tender
  • Quality assistance for suppliers: evaluation of response compliance
  • Electronic signature and irrevocability of offers
  • Advanced supplier response comparator and simulator
  • Validation within a few seconds of the impact of a negotiation in progress concerning a typical purchase basket, a meal plan, an operating account, a commercial offer, etc.
  • Publication of hard copy or electronic catalogues
  • Generation of advanced catalogues (application of filters and price grids by segment and by range)
  • Export of results to your existing IT solution

The MonPortail.com module for collective catering

Communicate effectively with your site managers

Benefits of this module :

  • Site managers log into Adoria every day : make the most of this by adding an internal, dynamic and enhancing communication portal to their business software


  • A customised login page
  • Option to segment the information by user profile or activity
  • Autonomous administration of content : images, text, internal documents, etc.
  • Publish themed sections
  • Highlighting of recently distributed content

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